iOS Developer Course (Advanced Course)

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Apple ၏ေနာက္ဆုုံး ထြက္ iOS 9 မွာ မိမိႏွစ္သက္ရာ Application ေတြကိုု Swift Language အသံုုးၿပဳ ျပီးအလြယ္တကူေရးသားဖန္တီး ႏုုိင္ေအာင္ သင္ၾကားေပးမွာၿဖစ္ပါတယ္

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Course Description: Apple ၏ေနာက္ဆုုံး ထြက္ iOS 9 မွာ မိမိႏွစ္သက္ရာ Application ေတြကိုု Swift Language အသံုုးၿပဳ ျပီးအလြယ္တကူေရးသားဖန္တီး ႏုုိင္ေအာင္ သင္ၾကားေပးမွာၿဖစ္ပါတယ္

iOS Developer Advanced Course မွာေအာက္ပါသင္ခန္းစာမ်ား ပါ၀င္ ပါတယ္

၁) Welcome to Apple Eco System

-Exploring &

-Understanding Apple In-App Purchase , setting up and getting approval by Apple Team

-Project 1.1 “Digital Store”

၂) Core Data and iCloud Integration 

-Understanding Core data and its feasibility 


-Project 2.1 “Note for You”

၃) Push Notification and User engagement

-Creating Push Notification Provision Profile and engage with Third Party Services
-Sending Push Notification to device and interfacing with App

-Project 3.1 “Push Campaign”

၄) Creating Authentication on device 

-Touch ID Integration

-Creating User and authenticate with Cloud Baas (Firebase, Kinvey etc …)

-Integrate with Facebook, Twitter Authentication System

-Project 4.1 “Agents”

၅) Integrating with Social Media Service

-Requesting permission & Posting on the social Media

-Project 5.1 “Media Manager”

၆) Share & Extension on iOS

-Create widgets & Extension for iOS App

-Project 6.1 “Widgets”

၇) Apple Pay Integration

-Understanding Apple Pay System (PassKit) and Third Party Integration

-Setting on Third Party for Physical Items to sell

-Project 7.1 “Buy More”

၈) Sprite Kit  (Bonus Chapter)

-Intro to Game Programming using Apple Sprite Kit

-Game idea and creating Simple Game



Course Duration :       Monday to Friday , Sat & Sun

Course Hours : 36 Hours+

Course Fees per seat : 200,000 ks

Your Mac or PC to bring along with

For Mac: any MacBook model
For PC:  CPU core i5 with 8 GB of RAM with any graphic facility, on board or dedicated for emulation purpose
Those having Window PC, are able to do Mac Programming by installing OSX on PC.

Duration: 3 Months to 5 Months Depending on the schedule
Mon to Fri (1.5 Hrs/day) or
Sat-Sun (3 Hrs/day)
Time to be adjusted as per student

Taught by Experienced iOS Developer.

Grant to be job-ready iOS Developer
rare in current developer market


Think Big , Start Small !
Don’t Limit Your Creativity !


Got questions? Viber us at +6-593-445-54-6


BURMESEAPP ID : burmeseapp



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